2017 Annual Meeting recap| 

May 4

2017 Annual Meeting Recap

The 2017 GSDC Annual Meeting was held on May 4 with more than 160 investors and partners in attendance. The event marked the 6th anniversary of the GSDC.  A copy of the GSDC Annual Report/2010-2016 Edition was provided to all.

The event began with networking and breakfast.  Bob White opened the meeting and Brian Myres proceeded as emcee.  New investors were welcomed and introduced.  Brian Myres and Patti Gartland presented information under the title, Celebrating Progress, Planning Forward.  The information included an overview of the GSDC mission, vision and values, and a strategy and milestones presentation encompassing the years of 2011 through 2016.  

Videos featuring the chairs of each of our GSDC strategic initiatives were shown.  These emphasized what has been accomplished since 2011 and what the future holds for each initiative.  Brian Myres provided insight to the process by which investor input will be solicited to inform the GSDC planning for 2018 and beyond.  Patti Gartland introduced a new regional portal in development, which will showcase the assets of our Greater St. Cloud region and be a resource for anyone seeking information about our communities.

Bob White and Brian Myres presented posthumous Community Pillar Tributes to Dick Bernick and Dan Coborn, and recognized the Bernick and Coborn family members who were present.  Staff from Congressman Tom Emmer's office presented the families with floor speech documents honoring Bernick and Coborn, and flags that were flown over the Minnesota state capitol in honor of each.

The GSDC Community Catalyst Award, which recognizes a company or organization that is a leader in initiating and supporting economic and community development in the Greater St. Cloud region, was presented to CentraCare Health.

The GSDC Leadership Award,  which recognizes an individual who is actively engaged in the work of GSDC and has made exceptional personal contributions to advancing its mission and the growth of the regional economy, was presented to Marty Moran.

The 2017 GSDC Officers and Directors were recognized.  Bob White transitioned to the role of Past Board Chair and Brian Myres assumed the role of Board Chair.  Bob White was recognized for his years of service since the inception of GSDC in 2011.

Mark Osendorf of Xcel Energy introduced keynote speaker, Teresa Mogensen, Sr. Vice President, Xcel Energy and President, Excel Energy Transco.  

The meeting concluded at 9:30 am.


CentraCare Health, GSDC Community Catalyst Award

CentraCare Health, GSDC Community Catalyst Award

Marty Moran, GSDC Leadership Award

Marty Moran, GSDC Leadership Award