GSDC Workplace Well-Being Summit Recap

February 15, 2017


More than 425 people, representing 170 organizations attended our fourth summit!  The morning program included recognition of 110 area professionals who have attained WELCOA certification, as well  as a keynote address by Richard Leider, global thought leader, executive coach, bestselling author and founder of Inventure, The Purpose Company. All summit attendees received a copy of Lieder's book, Work Reimagined: Uncovering Your Calling .  A panel of 10 regional executives shared their best practices on advancing purpose, policies and systems that promote health and well-being in the workplace environment.


Companies and organizations listed in our Workplace Well-Being Resource Directory were invited to have a booth in the Workplace Well-Being Summit Expo. 



Breakout sessions delved into deeper discussions with the CEO panelists and their Human Resource leaders. 

Panelists included:

Keynote Presentation: Working on Purpose, Living on Purpose,  Leading on Purpose by Richard Leider


CEO/Executive Panel re: Best Practices in Advancing Purpose, Policies and Systems that promote well-being in the workplace environment.


Ryan Picarella from WELCOA


Initiative update by Tracy Schulte of Granite Equity Partners