2018 Annual Meeting recap| 

April 5

2018 Annual Meeting Recap

The 2018 GSDC Annual Meeting was held on April 5 with more than 140 investors and partners in attendance. The event marked the 7th anniversary of the GSDC.  A copy of the 2017 GSDC Annual Report was provided to all.

The event began with networking and a breakfast buffet, which was sponsored by US Bank.  Brian Myres opened the meeting and proceeded as emcee.  New investors were welcomed and introduced.  Brian Myres and Patti Gartland presented information under the title, Making a Difference, Creating Impact.  The information included an overview of the GSDC mission, vision and values, and a summary of recent accomplishments of each of the six initiative corps.  Myres also spoke about GSDC’s growth in investors and investor income since its inception in 2011.

GSDC President Patti Gartland shared progress indicator data for growth in regional employment, wages and Gross Domestic Product.  She also provided metrics for JobSpot and the new regional portal, GreaterStCloud.com.

Myres then presented an overview of progress to date by the GSDC board of directors on the review and refresh of the corporation’s strategic plan.  He made reference to a Strategic Plan Narrative document, provided to each attendee.  Myres requested feedback about the narrative through the completion of an online survey, which was delivered by email to GSDC investors and partners the day of the meeting.

Business Corps Co-Chair Mike Markman (US Bank) provided an overview of current Business Corps projects and its focus for 2018, including a new site locator platform, restructuring of the corps and investor engagement, and support for start-up businesses.  The ongoing work of business retention, expansion and attraction will continue, as well.

Markman introduced a panel of individuals who had collaborated on a recent business attraction project.  They included Markman, Mark Osendorf of Xcel Energy, Kevin Brink of INH and Larry Hosch of GSDC.  The group reviewed the collaboration of key partners in response to a short-notice attraction prospect.

Talent Corps member Luke Riordan (DAYTA Marketing) moderated two panels pertaining to talent.  The topic of the first was a skilled work initiative.  Participants included Mike Gohman of W. Gohman Construction, Willie Jett of St. Cloud ISD 742 and Bonnie Supan of Brenny Transportation.

The topic of the second panel was professionals in transition.  Participants included Lynn Holmvig of Pilgrim’s, Eric Stalboerger of Capital One and Jon Hall of Kensington Bank.  Riordan shared items of focus in 2018 for the Talent Corps, included supporting skilled workers, career education efforts with schools/parents, and employer education and events.

John Bryant, CEO of GSDC founding investor Geo-Comm, presented information about the company, including its history, growth and product development of cutting-edge public safety technology.

The GSDC Community Catalyst Award, which recognizes a company or organization that is a leader in initiating and supporting economic and community development in the Greater St. Cloud region, was presented to the Rotary Club of St. Cloud.

The GSDC Leadership Award, which recognizes an individual who is actively engaged in the work of GSDC and has made exceptional personal contributions to advancing its mission and the growth of the regional economy, was presented to Rick Bauerly.

Myres recognized the GSDC Board of Directors and offered special thanks and recognition to Ashish Vaidya, Interim President at St. Cloud State University and Lori Kloos, Interim President at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.  The board service of Vaidya and Kloos will conclude on June 30.

The meeting concluded at 9:30 am.


Rotary Club of St. Cloud, GSDC Community Catalyst Award

Rotary Club of St. Cloud, GSDC Community Catalyst Award

Rick Bauerly, GSDC Leadership Award

Rick Bauerly, GSDC Leadership Award