Need another reason to attend the upcoming GSDC JobSpot Coffee and Careers event?

Of course you don’t, but we’re going to give you one anyway.The opportunities presented to our Coffee and Careers events have been extremely helpful to our attendees, but the next event will be especially advantageous to a future career in the Greater St. Cloud area.

As a special added benefit for job seekers attending Coffee and Careers events, we will be pooling together our resources at the GSDC to help one lucky job seeker in the St. Cloud area win a once in a lifetime prize package.

The prize package below covers all areas of job seeking. Everything from resumes and interviewing to connecting one-on-one with top industry leaders in your field.

GSDC Networking

Based on the field you would like to enter, our GSDC members will put their connections to work for you! Once your resume has been reviewed by your advisor, they will distribute your information through their network. You will then receive a 1-hour session with a well-connected expert in your particular field. The session is valued at $300, but the networking is priceless.

Resume/Interview Advisor

Two 1-hour sessions with a professional career counselor; you will receive custom advice on how to apply to different opportunities based on your experience and interests as well as tips on beefing up your resume and excelling at an interview- valued at $300.

LinkedIn Expert Advice

Provided by DAYTA Marketing, you will receive 1 hour of personalized LinkedIn profile advice from one of DAYTA’s LinkedIn experts. You will also receive headshots and design work for your cover photo and profile picture. This package is valued at $250.

JobSpot Profile

GSDC’s Talent Director will assist you in developing a GDSC JobSpot profile that will be easily found and will stand out from the crowd. This one-hour session is valued at $125.

Job-Seeking Work Space

Research potential companies, rework and refine your resume, and apply for your dream job, all from the comfort of the Capital One Cafe. You’ll also receive 4 free drinks valued at $25.

When you accept this prize, JobSpot and GSDC will follow you through your job-seeking path until you accept a position. Upon accepting a position, GSDC will highlight your story in an article. The total of this prize package is valued at $1,000! Each of these prizes on their own would make a huge difference for anyone hunting for a new career, but all of them piled together is almost unheard of!

Not only do the next  Coffee and Career events come with the potential to win a package of fantastic prizes, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with professionals in your preferred career and network with superstars within the St. Cloud area.

Our remaining Fall Series Coffee and Career Date before Talent Summit 2016 is:

January 7th – 4-6 p.m.                                                                                 Employers: Coborn’s, Central MN Credit Union, Anderson Trucking,  Metro Bus, Stride Academy and Capital ONE

We hope to see you there!