Developing our region by developing talent.

Business growth and talent attraction are dependent upon each other. Both play a critical role in continuing to grow our region's economy and shaping the perception of the greater St. Cloud community. By growing and attracting businesses with preferred jobs, our community will be able to attract and retain talented individuals. Conversely, by developing, retaining and attracting talented individuals, the greater St. Cloud region will grow and attract business.

Our community is rich in talent. Greater St. Cloud is a magnet for teaching, learning, and the development of our individual and collective talents. Over 25,000 students are collectively enrolled at six colleges and universities in the region. Greater St. Cloud is at the center of their combined global network of more than 150,000 alumni.

The challenge before us is to retain the area talent base while continuing to attract new talent into the region. The best way to do this is to provide talent with opportunities. Opportunities to work. Opportunities to live. Opportunities to become a bigger part of our community.

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation is taking a leadership position in working the local universities, colleges and the business community to develop, retain and attract talented people to the area. Benefits that our region will realize through the GSDC efforts include:

  • Stronger Economic Base - Organizations need the right people to help grow their businesses. And, with growth comes additional jobs and additional net income for companies.

  • Provide a Competitive Advantage - Organizations and communities that are able to successfully develop, retain, and attract talented people will experience competitive advantages.

  • Create a Vibrant Community - Our ability to retain graduates in the area will directly correlate to a more lively and vibrant community.

  • Create Momentum - Success Breeds Success. The more successful we are at attracting talent, the easier it will become. People tend to want to be near people that have similar interests, goals, and outlets.

To expand the talent base of the greater St. Cloud community, the GSDC focuses on:

  1. Marketing the Greater St. Cloud community as a place for people to live, work and engage.

  2. Partnering with educational institutions and workforce development organizations to better align workforce programs with the needs of business and the talent pool.

  3. Creating talent-related tools and programs to enable employer and job seekers to connect more successfully.

  4. Acting as a conduit to the business community for other Greater St. Cloud workforce related initiatives.