Making main street our main advantage.

There's no doubt that a vibrant downtown is a significant draw to employers and talent. St. Cloud offers this and many other features that relocating business and talent are seeking. The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation intends to improve these assets and share this story with the world.

The GSDC and other organizations are working together to identify the city of St. Cloud by distinct districts that each offer their own appeal and purpose. Once established, future development would be guided by each district's role in creating the St. Cloud downtown.

Proposed districts include:

  • Marketplace, featuring the unique and boutique
  • Entertainment and Dining, with food and fun
  • Historical, offering preservation and relaxation
  • Residential, for living and connecting
  • Central Business, for work and innovation

The benefits of a vibrant downtown extend far beyond main street. They even go beyond enhancing civic pride and the quality of life on a daily basis for the region's citizens. By recognizing the value of this asset, cultivating ongoing development and improving the downtown vibe of St. Cloud, the region will also recognize:

  • Increased Tax Base: A vibrant downtown produces local and state taxes.
  • Increased Revenue for Local Businesses: Local businesses benefit from improved image, a stronger business mix, increased visibility, coordinated marketing opportunities, and more consumer traffic from both visitors and current community members.
  • Increased Occupancy Rates: Property owners can enjoy increased occupancy rates, increased rents and increased property values.
  • New Business and Job Growth: A vibrant downtown can provide an environment for clusters of businesses to grow and feed off each other, spawning new ventures to supply and service the larger clusters.
  • Better Connectivity: A well-designed downtown will better connect St. Cloud State University with the downtown, which in turn, will help better connect the university with business. Additionally, a well-designed downtown can better connect people by joining individual neighborhoods and districts with bike paths and walking paths.
  • Preservation: Preserving and repurposing the historic architecture adds authenticity, character and visual interest to the region.