Looking to train a new hire or bring a new worker on board? The Stearns Benton Employment and Training Council offers both on the job training (OJT) and transitional job programs! OJT Training offers hands-on training designed to address the gap between the new employee’s existing skills and the job skill requirement. Businesses are reimbursed for the cost of training a new employee – up to 50% of the new employee’s wage for the length of the contract.

SBETC’s transitional job programs enables individuals with limited work history to gain meaningful work skills that lead to gainful employment. In exchange for providing a temporary job opportunity and supervision, SBETC will pay the wage, workers’ compensation and FICA for an individual in a transitional job.

For more information on how a transitional job or OJT position can benefit your company, contact Angie Dahle at 320-308-5334 or angie.dahle@sbetc.org.

To view a handout on transitional job opportunities, click here.

To view a handout on OJT opportunities, click here.