GSDC Talent Initiative News

2015 Talent Corps Priorities

With the input from our GSDC Talent Corps and investors along with others in the community, we have finalized our priorities for 2015:

  1. JobSpot Growth and Development a. Transition JobSpot from a “job exchange” to

    a. Talent Community
    b. Implement the “Pay to Post” model for JobSpot                                       
    c. Increase awareness and usage of JobSpot

  2. Expand the Talent Summit - we plan to host smaller events throughout the year leading up to the Talent Summit planned for January, 2016.

  3. Develop a regional Talent Supply and Demand report – we hope to work with the local business community and workforce partners to conduct an assessment of the skills future workforce needs within our community.

  4. Develop a case study successfully engaging culturally and ethnically diverse populations as part of the workforce. We hope to help other businesses learn more about a successful approach towards recruiting and retaining employees from ethnically diverse populations.

  5. Investigate Mentorship Programs – we hope to convene a group of educational institutions and workforce development organizations to identify mentorship and internship programs that exist in the community and determine how best to promote these opportunities in our community with businesses and workforce partners.

Please contact Gail Cruikshank at if you would like to be a part of one of these talent initiatives for 2015.

JobSpot continues to grow in awareness and support by both job seekers and employers in Greater St. Cloud!

We have now successfully transitioned JobSpot to a pay to post model for employers to post job opportunities.

To ensure we provide a good fit for every size business, we offer 3 different pay models for 2015 along with 3 options to feature your business or job opportunity. Rates have been priced very favorably and reflective of our transition period for 2015. In addition, we offer a free 60 day trial offer for employers to try JobSpot for the 1st time with 1 complimentary job posting and full resume search capability. Your complimentary job will also be featured on the home page free of charge for 3 days.

Please check out to view JobSpot’s enhanced site features and sign up for your account today. Please reach out to Gail Cruikshank, Talent Director, at for any questions you have regarding JobSpot.

Our shared vision continues to be that “Greater St. Cloud is a growing and vibrant community where talented people choose to live, work, and engage.”  It is with all of our combined efforts and collaboration that we can make this vision reality.

Posted on March 11, 2015 and filed under JobSpot.