GSDC Workplace Well-Being Initiative

The GSDC Workplace Well-Being Initiative was launched this past February at our Well-Being Summit. Regional companies and organizations are participating in the initiative in five ways by:

  1. Taking the Well-Being Leadership Pledge
  2. Becoming a member of WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) via GSDC sponsored membership options. Participating in WELCOA’s “7 Benchmarks” online training and certification process.
  3. Being listed as a mentor, provider or educator in the Greater St. Cloud Well-Being Resource Directory.
  4. Participating in the Fall 2015 Healthways Well-Being 5 Assessment.
  5. Participating in regular information meetings in 2015 and attending the 2016 Workplace Well-Being Summit next February.

Currently, we are enrolling companies in the Well-Being 5 online assessment, which will be open from September 15 through October 30. For more information visit the Workplace Well-Being pages on the GSDC web site or contact Sonja Gidlow at or 320-252-5203.

Posted on June 23, 2015 and filed under Workplace Well-Being.