Looking for Talent?

Are you posting your job opportunities on the fastest growing local online resource in Greater St. Cloud, JobSpot?

JobSpot continues to grow with over 1,370 registered job seekers looking to secure employment with the dynamic companies in our region. Check out the free 60-day trial offer for first-time employers. During the trial you are also able to utilize the resume/profile search feature. Subsequent postings on the site are only $100 for that same 60-day posting, including unlimited resume/profile search while the position in posted. JobSpot also offer a 5-pack option for the price of $450 and very competitive annual subscription pricing. 

Visit www.GreaterStCloudJobSpot.com for details or contact Gail Cruikshank, GSDC Talent Director at gcruikshank@greaterstcloud.com or 320-257-4753.

Check out Greater St. Cloud JobSpot today! While you are there read testimonials about successful hires in the JobSpot blogs.

Posted on June 3, 2015 and filed under JobSpot.