Thanks for the Shout-Out!

New investor, Luke Riordan of DAYTA Marketing posted this on Linked In recently: “The mission of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC) is to lead economic development for the benefit of the greater St. Cloud region. This mission statement truly resonates with me.

The greater St. Cloud area is my home and DAYTA Marketing's home. DAYTA's headquarters will remain in the St. Cloud area. St. Cloud will also serve as the "kick off" location for our DAYTA University tour, a one-day social media marketing seminar. We will be hosting the event in other cities across the midwest like Fargo, ND and Stevens Point, WI (my hometown).

I have come to know and appreciate the work which the GSDC performs. I have also had the pleasure to meet the people who manage the GSDC. I am extremely impressed with these people and their work. Quite simply, they get things accomplished.

The greater St. Cloud region is poised to make tremendous gains in economic and community prosperity, and ultimately, the quality of life for us all. The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation exists to seize this opportunity.

In recognition of the GSDC's work, DAYTA Marketing has become a GSDC investor. I view this as an investment in the future of the Greater St. Cloud region, its businesses and its people. I look forward to serving the GSDC in any way they deem appropriate. I encourage those of you who are unfamiliar with the work of the GSDC to get to know them.”

The GSDC team appreciates the acknowledgment, Luke!

Posted on January 6, 2015 .