Exciting Career Opportunity at GSDC

As a result of a retirement we have an opening for Business Development Director.  The role description is listed below.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to Patti Gartland, PGartland@GreaterStCloud.com.  Applications will be accepted through October 28.  Link to Role Description

Position Title: Business Development Director

Status: Full-time Exempt

Reports to and serves at the will of the President

Primary Role

High level sales professional that builds market position for the greater St. Cloud region by locating and cultivating business development relationships and opportunities. Consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, the Business Development Director leads, develops and implements efforts to diversify the economy and promote economic growth focusing on primary sector opportunities throughout the greater St. Cloud region and all forms of development in the downtown St. Cloud area. Effectively manage the pipeline of business retention, expansion and attraction opportunities and translate meaningful data to GSDC leadership, partners, and the general public. Maintaining confidentiality is extremely important.


Primary responsibilities are to identify new business development leads and opportunities, cultivate actions that capitalize on business development opportunities in the region, and maintain fruitful relationships with key stakeholders.

1.       Develop and implement short and long term strategies that will assist in the growth of primary sector businesses in the GSDC’s geographical area of responsibility in accordance with Business Corps plans and direction of the GSDC Board of Directors and President.

2.       Conduct necessary economic research that will assist the GSDC in its mission to continue to diversify the regional economy, create new and better paying employment opportunities, enhance the local tax base and create “new wealth” in the region. Prepare and clearly present business research and reports to the GSDC board and officers, public entities, the businesses being assisted and the public in general.

3.       Develop and maintain effective working relationships with diverse groups in promoting economic growth for the region. Coordinate and collaborate with St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce and area economic development agencies in scheduling and conducting business retention visits for primary sector businesses. Provide leadership, develop and nurture collaborative working relationships with GSDC investors, area cities, counties, Chambers of Commerce, economic development agencies, utilities, state agencies such as DEED, MN Business Finance Inc., Initiative Foundation, Stearns-Benton Workforce Council, area educational institutions, and others that may play a role and facilitating positive business growth and development.     

 4.       Maintain a solid working knowledge of the domestic and global economy along with a thorough understanding of the economic development process and tools. Effectively communicate that knowledge and understanding with the GSDC board and officers, staff, community and businesses being assisted.    

5.       Understand and annually assess needs of existing local business to facilitate business retention and expansion in the greater St. Cloud region. Develop and maintain comprehensive business data and contact records. Maintain and advance utilization of GSDC’s integrated CRM database system (SalesForce) to effectively manage, analyze and generate reports as needed and requested to support Business Development and investor relations functions.

6.       Lead and facilitate the recruitment and attraction of new companies to the region. Network and promote the Greater St. Cloud region to site locators, commercial brokers, trade associations and other appropriate avenues.  

7.       Develop effective strategies and actions to strengthen the relationship between the St. Cloud region and the corporate headquarter leadership of primary sector companies whose headquarters are located elsewhere.

8.       Develop and maintain a formal network among the region’s commercial real estate brokers, contractors, lenders, lawyers, and accountants to foster cooperation and participation in GSDC business retention, expansion and attraction efforts.

9.       Develop and maintain a process of identifying and securing future commercial and industrial park land throughout the greater St. Cloud region.

10.   Assist in efforts to retain existing investors and recruit new investors in GSDC. Facilitate collaboration in efforts and information sharing between the Business Corps and all other GSDC Corps (e.g. Talent, Innovation, Well-Being, Downtown Revitalization, Transportation) and Committees (e.g. Marketing, Scorecard, Finance, Investment). Work with and support the efforts of other GSDC staff members and partners in completing the economic growth mission of the organization.

 11.   Partner with the City of St. Cloud in efforts to facilitate development and redevelopment opportunities in downtown St. Cloud.

12.   Perform other duties and complete special projects as assigned.

 Key Performance Indicators

·  Positive movement in primary sector job creation and wage level metrics and other applicable metrics for measuring business growth success.

·  Completion of annual business assessment surveys and completion of retention and expansion visits independently and in collaboration with the area city and council economic development entities and with the Chamber Grow MN calls.

·  Completion of business retention and expansion visits in quantity and frequency as determined by the Business Corps Chair and President.

·  Successful utilization of SalesForce by GSDC staff and partner entities that are authorized access and assigned a GSDC license.

·  Positive feedback from the Business Corps committee, Board of Directors, investors, business community, GSDC partners, and GSDC staff team.

·  Active engagement and participation in Partners Advisory Council meetings and initiatives.

·  Protects GSDC’s value by strictly keeping information confidential.


Preferred Education and Experience:

·   Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a preferred degree and major course work in economic development, business development, sales and marketing or related field.  

·   Minimum seven years of increasing experience and responsibility in the field of business development, economic development, sales and marketing, commercial real estate, commercial banking or related field preferably with at least two years of executive level engagement with or on a business development or economic development team.  

 Business Systems Knowledge and Competencies:

·   Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

·   CRM systems (Sales Force, or equivalent systems)

·   Internet and associated applications

·   Social media applications

 Key Competencies:

·   Highly skilled in sales planning, prospecting and execution.

·   Mature individual with a professional appearance, positive attitude and well-developed interpersonal skills capable of communication with diverse personalities.

·   Represent the community at all times in a professional manner with decorum and dignity.

·   Excellent writing skills and proficient in developing and delivering informative and inspiring oral and visual presentations to various public and private clients and audiences.

·   Extensive market knowledge of the greater St. Cloud region and identifying new market trends and opportunities.

·   Strong problem solving skills in helping navigate and develop solutions to complex and politically sensitive development challenges in a manner that preserves and protects key player relationships and the reputation of the region and organization.

·   Highly motivated and self-starter with a solid sense of personal and business ethics.

·   Basic working knowledge of local, state and federal government.

·   Maintain a positive working relationship with all members of the GSDC team, board members, officers, and investors.

 Work Environment

Work is typically performed in a standard office setting working at a desk or table on a level surface. Routinely travels to attend meetings, visit business sites and attend various functions. May be required to work more hours than normal during a regular workweek depending on workload and deadline requirements.

Posted on October 10, 2016 .