Business Development Update

The year 2016 has opened with promise. A couple of local real estate firms have reported some increased activity since the first of the year. We have also seen 2 – 3 local businesses inquire about expanding. Foley is close finalizing a development contract with Silt Sock, LLC which will bring an estimated 15 new jobs and new investment to Foley. The expansion of the Alcuin Library at St. John’s has started and so has the remodel of the old K-Mart building for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

We hope we continue the momentum of the first month though the entire year.

Business Development Snapshot -

Expansion, Retention and Attraction Visits
Goal for 2015:  75 visits
BRE visits (thru Dec 31): 79 visits

Potential Business Projects:
Goal for 2015: 50 projects in the Pipeline
Potential business expansion opportunities currently in the pipeline: 70
Within 3-6 months: 36
Within 6-12 months:  18
Within 12-24 months: 16

Potential new business projects currently in the pipeline:  22

TOTAL projects in the pipeline: 70

Jobs Created or Retained: 
Goal for 2015: 600
Actual jobs created or retained: 748

Lunch and Learn
The GSDC Business Development Corps and the Talent Corps are jointly sponsoring a Lunch and Learn for Recruiters and Hiring Managers on February 18th. The purpose of the event is to acquaint them with Career Profile. This is a tool that DEED has developed to generate occupation specific information to help employers learn about an occupation’s wages, demand, education requirements, job opportunities and more within our region. Luke Greiner, the DEED Labor Analyst will be the presenter. The tool is also available for job seekers. You can find Career Profile on the Deed website:

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