Got Talent Troubles? We've Got a Solution!

Do you have job openings to fill in Greater St. Cloud?  JobSpot is your answer!

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you need JobSpot!

1.      JobSpot now has surpassed over 2200 registered job seekers on the site looking for work right here in the Greater St. Cloud area. This is up 145% over our 1st year and we continue to grow!

 2.      You can search these job seekers with your personalized search criteria you create to reach out to them directly with opportunities your company has to offer.

 3.      Job postings are cost less to post on JobSpot than any other local resource! 

o   FREE posting for all first time employers.  Single postings after that are only $75 or $100!

o   FREE Internship Postings on JobSpot!

o   We offer a 5 pack for only $350 with a $100 reduction using your GSDC Investor or Non-Profit promo code.

o   In addition we offer annual subscriptions at a 50% price reduction to our GSDC Investors and 40% reduction to Non-Profit organizations which allow you unlimited postings!

 4.      Plus JobSpot offers FREE recruiting and hiring resources on JobSpot. Just click on the Resources link on the home page or this link Employment Resources by JobSpot

to find information on:  recruiting tips, internships, career profile tool and more!

 5.      Our reach continues to grow. So give it another look if you tried it early on.  We currently are experiencing 49% of our job seeker traffic living outside of our Greater St. Cloud area of Benton, Stearns and northern Sherburne with 14% of this traffic looking to come to Greater St. Cloud from outside of state! We average 20 new job seekers every week!

 More information on JobSpot pricing:

o   FREE 30 day posting to any employer that tries JobSpot for the first time

o   Single 30 day postings for only $75

o   Single 60 day postings for only $100

o   5 pack of 30 day postings for only $350

§  For GSDC investors and Non-Profit Organizations, we extend a promo code discounting this package to only $250

o   Affordable Annual Subscriptions

§  Assorted payment options are available to best work with your budget.

 o   All package purchases come with unlimited resume and candidate profile search capabilities – this allows you to search the entire job seeker data base for potential candidates that could be the perfect fit for your organization.

 With your partnership and support of JobSpot, you are helping in our joint efforts to attract and maintain top talent right here in Greater St. Cloud!  Be a part of our success!

Posted on May 6, 2016 .