Youth at Work Grants Available to Employers

A message from Tammy Biery, Executive Director of Stearns Benton Employment & Training Council

April 18, 2016


The Youth at Work Program Legislative Report features a Stearns-Benton Employment & Training Council (SBETC) participant on page 7.  This program started in July 2015 and is a two year grant.  In addition to the $125,000 from this competitive youth grant, SBETC received an additional $25,000 from the Morgan Family Foundation to support the work planned, since the original grant request was for $425,000. It has taken some time to get this program running, and we are hoping to get a number of students working internships, etc. this summer. If your organization is interested in hosting an intern or providing a job shadow experience, please let me know.


Tammy Biery

Executive Director

Stearns-Benton Employment & Training Council

Direct: 320-308-5702

Cell: 320-266-506

Posted on May 6, 2016 .