Keeping Posted with JobSpot: Monthly Brief

Employment Resources by JobSpot This section of JobSpot was designed to equip both job seekers and employers with the tools they need to successfully secure their ideal job or employee. GSDC is continually adding resource content to the site to help address questions and concerns that frequently arise during the job search process.

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Greater St. Cloud JobSpot FUN FACTS:

  • JobSpot surpassed over 2300 registered job seekers on the site in June.
  •  Over 20 job seekers register on the site each week.
  • 12% of our job seeker traffic is currently living outside of MN. They are looking for opportunity here!
  • JobSpot had over 5500 views to the site in May!
  • Single postings start at only $75!
  • Resume only search is only $29/month!


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Posted on June 23, 2016 .