GSDC Business Corps Report, June 2016

By Bill Kemp – Business Development Director

 News of Note

There are currently 16 major projects underway in the region totaling over $205,000,000. 

Mighty Axe Hops held a groundbreaking on June 16 for an 80 acre hop farm and processing facility in Benton County. Mighty Axe Hops partnered with Bernick’s to bring the project about. It will quadruple the current acreage of Minnesota hops and will be the largest hop farm in MN. The soil in this area is ideal for growing hops and it will be the first Minnesota state-of-the-art hops facility

 Business Development Snapshot

Expansion, Retention and Attraction Visits

Goal for 2016:                                 75 visits

BRE visits (thru May)                     23 visits

Potential Business Projects:

Goal for 2015: 50 projects in the Pipeline  

Potential business expansion opportunities currently in the pipeline:

Within 3-6 months:         28

Within 6-12 months:         5

Within 12-24 months:       11

                     Total:          44                                                               

Potential new business projects currently in the pipeline:   25

TOTAL projects in the pipeline: 69

Jobs Created or Retained:

Goal for 2016: 600

Total jobs created or retained: 164

Posted on June 29, 2016 .