August 2016 Business Development Report by Bill Kemp


News of Note

KwikTrip continues to make investment in our region. The estimated value of their 10 new stores is $40 million dollars.    

Microbiologics plans to construct a 30,000-square-foot, $7.24 million addition to accommodate research and development labs and production facilities. 

Business Development Snapshot

Expansion, Retention and Attraction Visits

Goal for 2016:                    75 visits

BRE visits (thru June):    46 visits

Potential Business Projects:

Goal for 2015:                    50 projects in the Pipeline

Potential business expansion opportunities currently in the pipeline:

Within 3-6 months:                         40

Within 6-12 months:                       17

Within 12-24 months:                     17

TOTAL projects in the pipeline:  74

 Potential new business projects currently in the pipeline: 15

Jobs Created or Retained:

Goal for 2016: 600

Total jobs created or retained: 214

Posted on August 26, 2016 .