AgriGrowth partnering on labor

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation recently attended the “Regional Workforce Strategies: Partnerships and Tools” event held by AgriGrowth. The focus of this event was to inform local Agricultural producers and businesses on the shifting demographics of Central Minnesota’s workforce.

Topics covered at the event included information on how the Millennial workforce differs from previous generations in the workforce, advice on how to better communicate the numerous career opportunities found in the Agriculture sector to students, and the steps employers must take in order to attract highly-skilled individuals to the Agriculture sector.

One of the highlights of this event included an interactive poll portion where employers present at the event were encouraged to provide real-time feedback to a series of questions. Employers were asked if they were taking steps to reach out to elementary and high-school students to share information about Agricultural-related careers. Employers were also asked if they were creating initiatives to adjust their workplace culture, benefits package, or scheduling practices to better attract and retain highly-skilled employees.

The underlying message of this event was that employers in the Agriculture sector must be proactive in their talent recruitment initiatives. Millennials represent the largest generational wave of talent entering the workforce since Baby-Boomers. As a result, employers who are not crafting initiatives and internal policies designed to attract and retain this new wave of talent, run the very real risk of experiencing future struggles in maintaining a highly-skilled workforce.

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Posted on July 25, 2017 .