From the GSDC Board Chair, Brian Myres

August, 2017

As summer is winding down and school is starting, most of us are turning to the 2018 budget cycle, business planning and preparing for ending 2017 on a positive note.  As investors in the GSDC, you should be aware that the staff, corps leaders and officers are diligently going through that same process of budgeting, planning and getting ready for the year ahead. 

Additionally, as I mentioned in the June letter, we are beginning the strategic planning refresh which will guide our next three to five years of work.  We will be very focused on the local challenges of talent recruitment and retention, industry sector opportunities and emerging trends in our region that will impact our regional economy going forward.  Stay tuned as we reach out in the coming months to seek your input into this process as we continue to help drive economic growth in the region.

As we think about the future, it is also important that we reflect upon what got us to today and to be thankful to those that helped us achieve that success.  One person that really worked hard to found the GSDC, get us through some early challenges and to drive our talent corps is Marty Moran.  Marty and his wife Asha own ClearPath Consulting and have been great contributors to not only the success of the GSDC, but also the Community Pillars, the YMCA, United Way and numerous other organizations in our region.  Marty and family have recently moved to Greenville, North Carolina and will be greatly missed, but their legacy of building our community will last for years.  Please join me in thanking Marty for all his contributions to our organization and wish him well in his new endeavors.  Life is about legacy and leaving this place better than we found it, and Marty Moran exemplifies that.


Brian Myres

GSDC Board Chair

Posted on August 29, 2017 .