GSDC 2018 Talent Summit Success!

2018 Talent Summit.png

By Gail Cruikshank

The 2018 GSDC Talent Summit 2018 was a ½ day event providing employers with educational workshops led by local community leaders sharing ideas, tips and resources on how to gain a competitive edge in the talent market.

Over 190 employers and partners including CEO’s, executives, HR Professionals and Partners left with ideas and suggestions they could implement immediately in their workplace.

In case you missed the event or want to reference the details from one of the presentations, all materials from the event are found on GreaterStCloudJobSpot.

A few comments shared from attendees following the event:

·         The breakout sessions were exceptional!  The topics were so relevant and the speakers were awesome!

·         The morning roundtable discussions were valuable. 

·         Excellent presenter with great networking opportunity with peers to share ideas.

·         Hearing from real, local companies and the ideas and investments they are putting into their business to attract and retain top talent. I love the creativity!

Posted on October 4, 2018 .