A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

By Brian Myres, GSDC Board Chair

 I want to use this year-end opportunity to thank our GSDC investors and partners for your ongoing support of our collective work to improve the economic environment for our businesses and greater community.

 Our accomplishments have been many. Since our inception in 2011, GDP has risen 16.3%, there’s been an increase of more than 12,500 jobs and wages have increased more than 20% – all right here in Greater St. Cloud, where we are outpacing the state and nation.  At GSDC we certainly can’t take credit for all this great news, but it’s also not just a coincidence. We’re out there every day working with you to improve the regional economy and the quality of life of our communities.

 In the past 12 months alone, we met with more than 90 local businesses about retention and expansion, launched a regional portal to support talent retention and attraction, and invested resources of time and energy in a regional skilled workers initiative. 

 In 2018 the GSDC Board of Directors refined our structure and priorities to serve you even more powerfully. That included identifying these four strategic imperatives, which investors strongly affirmed in April:  Engage Leaders, Expand Talent, Grow Business and Shape Tomorrow.  You will be hearing more about our strategic imperatives in the months to come, but in summary, here’s what they will mean for our community:

 Engage Leaders

We bring community leaders together so that your combined thinking and resources have a greater impact on our region’s success than would a few people acting alone.

 Expand Talent

We invest heavily in retaining and attracting skilled, innovative and diverse people, to support business retention, growth and attraction.

 Grow Business

We create economic development strategies, harness resources and provide tactical assistance to help start, retain and expand strong businesses.

 Shape Tomorrow

We invest in our region’s many strengths and help enhance its wellness, inclusivity, environmental stewardship and more, creating a healthier and brighter future for you and your employees.                                           

No individual company or organization has the resources, expertise or contacts to do these things on their own. That’s why we’re here. The GSDC works for you.  

We’re excited to leverage this momentum in 2019 and beyond.  I welcome any and all inquiries about how you and your company can join us in this important work through investment and engagement. 

Finally, wishing you a blessed holiday season and prosperous New Year!

 Brian Myres   

GSDC Board Chair

(320) 260-6681


Posted on December 18, 2018 .