And the Answer is: Greater St.!


Do you remember the character, Carnac the Magnificent? For those of you that may not be familiar with Carnac, he was a well-known character from The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was the host. Carnac was a mystic from the Far East who could psychically “divine” answers to questions yet to be asked.

So humor me a moment as I assume the role of Carnac and announce to you: The answer is: 7,840! The question? How many unique visits have there been to the new community portal,, since its launch late last fall?

Care to try that again? Straight from the lips of Carnac (aka Patti Gartland) we hear, The answer is: 4,785. The question? How many job openings in the greater St. Cloud region are found on JobSpot, the jobs portal at

OK - let’s go for just one more. The answer is:  The newest and most important addition to your talent and business recruitment tool box!  The question?  What is

All kidding and reminiscing aside, is the powerful new resource developed by the GSDC for promoting our region’s advantages and major assets to key audiences far and wide. We’ve launched a stellar social media campaign, but that’s not enough. We need your help in driving interest and traffic to the website and its wealth of information about the vitality of the Greater St. Cloud community. We’d love to see this link on the home page of your website, as a feature in newsletters and other publications you generate, in your talent and business recruitment collateral, and in your social media campaigns. Help us spread the word – greater St. Cloud is the perfect place to live, work & engage – and will help you discover why!

Patti Gartland

GSDC President

Posted on February 21, 2018 .