Exclusive GSDC Investor Event

Professionals in Transition

As much as our region is experiencing exceptional growth unfortunately we have also witnessed some consolidations, business sector changes and simply downsizing.

The people impacted by these changes have established families and careers here.  They have the desire to remain in our region.  We WANT them to stay in our growing region.

To this point, GSDC has created a model that has worked exceptionally well in connecting these talented employees with employers seeking their skill set.  To date GSDC has hosted two events for Pilgrim’s (formerly GNP) and two events for Capital One.  These events are an exclusive opportunity for GSDC Investors to meet and network with these individuals in hopes to secure a potential new career opportunity or obtain some helpful connections in their search for new employment.

GSDC is very proud to coordinate these opportunities and will continue to do so as we are asked to help secure this top talent within our region.

For more information about these networking events please contact Gail Cruikshank.

Posted on May 1, 2018 .