Total Internship Management Workshop

For organizations, a strong intern program can maintain a pipeline of highly qualified candidates for full-time roles.  Internships and other forms of experiential education help students make a seamless transition to the world of work and are a perfect vehicle to increase retention rates, complete short-term projects, and identify future hires.

To promote the value of internships in central Minnesota, Dr. Robert Shindell, President of Intern Bridge, conducted the Total Internship Management Workshop on June 19, 2018. The event was sponsored by Granite Equity Partners, St. Cloud State University, Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, the Initiative Foundation, and the Anderson Center, among others.  The workshop helps organizations of all sizes build successful internship programs, and participants learn how to effectively implement an impactful internship program and how to create and maintain a pipeline of highly qualified and educated full-time job candidates.

Workshop participants networking in the Cascade Room at St. Cloud State University at the beginning of the event

Workshop participants networking in the Cascade Room at St. Cloud State University at the beginning of the event

As an intern at GSDC, I had the opportunity to participate in the workshop and learn some valuable information on how to enhance my internship experience. One of the most important lessons that I took with me is that an internship is not just about completing professional tasks (doing only that would turn it into a part-time job), but also, and most importantly, about establishing a mentoring relationship with your supervisor. The connection that you make with a role model allows you not only to learn the rules of your chosen industry, but also how to successfully transition into the world of work. In that sense, I feel very privileged at GSDC because I get to work with some great people who are helping me develop my professional identity.

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Visit the Intern Bridge website at or contact Dr. Robert Shindell at

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Contact Angie Krtnick Complin, Talent Director for Granite Equity Partners, at

Posted on August 28, 2018 .