A Talent Retention and Acquisition Resource for Employers

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The high quality of life in our Greater St. Cloud region is a compelling asset in attracting talent from outside the area to the myriad career opportunities found here.  To that end we developed and launched to be the one-stop resource for information about our region – for residents, students, businesses and prospective talent. 

 The website is a wide-ranging source of information, videos, photos and blog posts about the Central Minnesota communities that make up Greater St. Cloud. Included is information about quality of life, education, health and wellness, entertainment and more.

 A tandem initiative is our social media marketing campaign featuring local people and communities – another way to attract talent, families and businesses.  Follow us on Face Book and Instagram to discover the many delights we have to offer: Greater St. Cloud.  And, keep an eye out for #StCloudShines!

 How can assist your organization?  Provide a link on your web site so site visitors have an easy way to learn more about our communities.  Share the link with talent candidates who are considering relocating for a position in your company.  Mention the web site in blogs and other company communications.  And – use the web site for your own purposes, whether to find live music for Saturday night, the best swimming hole in Central Minnesota or medical resources for a loved one.

Posted on February 27, 2019 .