St. Cloud Shines: GSDC Kicks Off Place-making Campaign


St. Cloud Shines is a campaign initiated in January, 2019 by the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation to generate and share the good things happening across the Greater St. Cloud region. Building our region's brand into one that's positive, strong and dynamic takes input and collaboration from those living and working in it.

A campaign kick off event was held on April 25 at Capital One. Katie Virnig, local independent marketer and project visionary, along with help from Lacey Schirmers, GREAT Theatre Managing Director, shared an inspiration-filled vision for branding our area and led a discussion on the work currently being done to support it. All attendees received a St. Cloud Shines branded shirt.

Individuals, employers and organizations are encouraged to use the campaign to promote the region and the high quality of life we enjoy. Follow “Greater St. Cloud” on Face Book and Instagram to stay up to date and tap in to this very positive vibe. Use #StCloudShines in your social media posts to help us share the good things happening in all our regional communities.

Posted on April 30, 2019 .