So maybe you’ve heard of Coffee & Careers, but haven’t attended an event yet, or maybe you’ve been to one of our past events. Whether you’ve participated in a Coffee & Careers event or not, be sure to attend our next event on Wednesday, May 17th, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. – this will be one of our biggest event yet! We will have 8 different employers eager to speak with job seekers one-on-one about career opportunities at their respective companies.

I have never been to a Coffee & Careers before. What is it all about and what should I expect?

Coffee & Careers was designed to be a casual way for job seekers to meet employers to ask questions about their companies, learn about career opportunities and network. Additionally, career service professionals and DAYTA Marketing will be in attendance to review resumes and LinkedIn profiles. This is a FREE event and is open to anyone!

Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the door by an individual from Greater St. Cloud JobSpot who can help you sign in and introduce you to employers. The 8 different employers will have tables that are set up around the cafe. At this point, you are free to talk with any and all representatives from each company. Make sure to ask questions such as: what kind of positions they are hiring for, what their organization does, what their company culture is like, what opportunities would you have to move up in the organization, and anything else you would like to know! As an added bonus, you will receive a free coffee beverage from Capital One Cafe.

After you have met with the employers, bring your resume to the corner of the Cafe to have it reviewed by a career service professional and receive helpful feedback. Make sure to ask them about application tips and interviewing advice too! Lastly, you can have your LinkedIn profile reviewed by DAYTA marketing (or receive tips on how to get started).

I have been to Coffee & Careers before. Can I attend again?

Absolutely! Each Coffee & Careers event features different employers so you will have the opportunity to meet with a new set of employers. At the very least, you can enjoy another free cup of coffee! Bring your resume back a second time to have career services review the changes they suggested from the previous event and have DAYTA Marketing review your updated LinkedIn profile.

Who are the 8 Employers?

The following employers will be in attendance at the May 17th Coffee & Careers event:

We hope to see you there!

To view the event flier for further details and see the list of employers who will be in attendance, please click here.