Grow Your Life

Community Engagements

With one of the highest volunteer rates in the country, our philanthropic spirit strengthens our connection to the community and to each other, making all of us richer in the process.

Cultural Experiences

Our vibrant local art, entertainment, sports, dining, and shopping scene brings us together through shared cultural experiences and expands our perspectives of life and the world.

Grow Together

The depth and diversity of our people and our resources cultivate richer lives for everyone who plants their dreams in our ambitious soil. We are a community of business executives, healthcare and education professionals, civic and community leaders, area non-profit organizations and local citizens coming together to ensure that the greater St. Cloud region is a place where people can live, work, learn, dream – and grow. 

A vision for the greater St. Cloud, MN region.

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation is leading the charge to attract, retain and develop top businesses and talent to the St. Cloud region in Minnesota. But we're not doing it alone. A number of regional governments, municipalities, and organizations, such as the Central Minnesota Community FoundationInitiative Foundation and the  have partnered with the GSDC to augment our efforts and bring out the best in the greater St. Cloud community. Our collective goal is to make the greater St. Cloud region one of the most attractive markets possible by enhancing its quality of life, education, workforce and economic attributes.

Community Pillars

Retain, expand and attract businesses

  • Advance a regional branding effort.
  • Maximize the impact of educational institutions on regional economic development via commercialization of intellectual property and university-business partnerships.
  • Nurture culturally diverse entrepreneurs.

Expand inclusive participation and engagement of people of color in community leadership

  • Facilitate connections for immigrants and refugees with the broader community.
  • Address language barriers that prevent access to health, education, housing, and other critical services.

Enhance recreational amenities and natural resources

  • Provide expanded access to, activities on, and stewardship of the Mississippi River.
  • Develop regional community and/or aquatic center.

Invest in regional transportation and infrastructure

  • Support regional air service, including Chicago connection.
  • Facilitate extension of Northstar rail to St. Cloud.
  • Extend Wobegon and other trail systems to urban core areas and river corridor for recreation and non-motorized transportation.
  • Support expansion of I-94 from Rogers to St. Cloud.

Assist those facing poverty

  • Implement strategies to expand the pool of and access to affordable housing, mental health, transportation, and other critical services.
  • Develop options for housing, assistance to homeless people and/or those in crisis.
  • Expand access to essential services (like mental health) by addressing language, transportation, out of school activities, and other barriers.

Support aging in place

  • Develop strategies to assess and address opportunities and needs for seniors and the aging population.

Support student success through a cradle to career approach for education and workforce development

  • Launch a web-based talent portal to link workers, employers, educators and resource partners.
  • Establish the Executive Leadership Group to guide Partner for Student Success transition and engage the community.
  • Provide workplace and business experiences for youth and adult learners.
  • Increase access to quality and affordable early childhood education, childcare and training.
  • Expand strategies for addressing the educational achievement gap for people of color or poverty.

Elevate culture, arts and “sense of place”

  • Connect and enhance downtown's, river and neighborhoods with place-making and public arts.
  • Create a sustainable source of funding for the arts.

To learn more about GSDC's priorities within the community, please contact us.