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Recruiting And Retention

Looking to hire or develop talent in the Greater St. Cloud region? From connecting with local colleges to understanding the area job board, we’ve got you covered with our extensive employer resources.


Hiring Top Talent in the St. Cloud Area. Are you missing out?

Watch this SCSU webinar to learn about tips to hire international students and ways you can connect with the strong talent pool in the St. Cloud area.


Master Guide to Recruitment & Retention in the Manufacturing Sector

This robust resource offers research-based tactics that will help hiring teams within manufacturing companies find and recruit top talent. Download the guide here.


Best Career Fair Tips for Employers

This one-page guide offers tips for employers looking to showcase their company and position themselves in the most positive way possible during career fairs.

veteran dog tags

Hiring Veterans: Myths and Reality

What should you expect – or not expect – when hiring a veteran?


Career and Education Explorer

The Career and Education Explorer l will provide a wide range of information about a selected occupation, specific to a selected region.



Internship programs have likewise improved from cliche office assistant positions of the past. There are a few things you can do to run a successful internship program within your company.

College graduate

Connecting with Local Colleges

Local colleges can be a great employment resource.


Employing those with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities present business and industry with unique opportunities in labor-force diversity and corporate culture.


Experienced and Seasoned Workforce

Older Workers are a key to bridging the workforce gap.