Workplace Well-Being Summit


Every other year we hold a Workplace Well-Being Summit in February. The purpose of our annual Summits is to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to:

  • Create a culture of and common language for well-being in the region.
  • Expand the network of Leaders & Professionals focused on well-being.
  • Celebrate progress and successes from the past year.
  • Identify and address barriers to progress and lessons learned.
  • Update, refine and clarify our collective plans for the next year.
  • Communicate opportunities for engagement for all stakeholders.
  • Increase Well-Being Pledges, outline Well-Being Certification and training opportunities, showcase providers from the local Well-Being Directory, and assess our community’s Well-Being Scores.


Workplace Well-Being Professionals Resource

Human Resources and Well-Being professionals are invited to join our Linked In group, GSDC ?Workplace Well-Being. For information, contact Sonja Gidlow at or 320-252-5203.