Child Care

The child care industry is an important economic driver within both the State of Minnesota and the Greater St. Cloud region. 

Child care options are necessary for our regional economy to have an available workforce.  Stability is needed for child care providers to continue quality care for our children.  It’s essential to prepare children to be successful in school and beyond.  It’s critical to raise families out of poverty by providing the opportunity for gainful employment in our community.  

According to the United Way of Central Minnesota, over 4,400 kids in our community need child care and 24 percent of parents surveyed have withdrawn from the workforce or declined employment due to child care arrangements.

Below are available child care resources:

  • United Way of Central Minnesota Child Care & Business ToolkitExplore this toolkit for valuable insights and guidance designed for businesses and child care providers.  It serves as a guide for businesses aiming to improve child care availability and strengthen the local workforce. Child care programs can also benefit by leveraging this toolkit to understand the advantages of partnering with businesses and uncover effective collaboration strategies.

Interested in learning more, please contact Gail Cruikshank, GSDC Talent Director.