Expand Talent

developing our region by developing talent.

Business growth and talent attraction are dependent upon each other. Both play a critical role in continuing to grow our region’s economy and shaping the perception of the greater St. Cloud community. By growing and attracting businesses with preferred jobs, our community will be able to attract and retain talented individuals. Conversely, by developing, retaining and attracting talented individuals, the greater St. Cloud region will grow and attract business.

Our community is rich in talent. Greater St. Cloud is a magnet for teaching, learning, and the development of our individual and collective talents. Over 25,000 students are collectively enrolled at six colleges and universities in the region. Greater St. Cloud is at the center of their combined global network of more than 150,000 alumni.

The GSDC has a leadership role in investing heavily to retain, attract, and develop skilled, innovative and diverse people in our region.  It leads targeted and industry-specific talent initiatives, aligns talent partners and resources around targeted populations, provides resources and services to employers and job seekers, advances and promotes a talent retention and attraction though a community portal,, and collaborates with regional workforce partners.

2021 Expand Talent Strategies

Talent Development:  Strengthen the interface of business and education to better meet talent needs in our region.

Talent Retention: Facilitate efforts to maximize retention of existing talent pools in the region and provide tools to ensure our local businesses are the employer of choice.

Talent Recruitment and Attraction:  Facilitate and collaborate with key stakeholders to promote the region and its resources while marketing employment opportunities to the underemployed or unemployed in our regional talent pool.

Talent Productivity:  Invest in workplace health and well-being as a key strategy for improving talent productivity and improvement of competitive advantage while also supporting talent attraction and retention objectives.

To expand the talent base of the greater St. Cloud community, the GSDC focuses on:

  1. Leading targeted and industry-specific talent initiatives
  2. Aligning talent partners and resources around targeted populations
  3. Providing resources and services to employers and job seekers
  4. Advancing and promoting our regional talent retention and attraction portal:
  5. Collaborating with regional workforce partners

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