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Within our multicultural society today it is crucial for businesses and organizations to operate in new ways that meet the needs of St. Cloud’s changing demographics, to attract and retain individuals from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds in our workforce. Having a diverse workplace not only benefits the organization immensely, it also gives companies several competitive advantages. Building culturally competent organizations within our community that welcome and understand the varied sets of skills, abilities, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives individuals from different cultural backgrounds and orientations have is crucial towards being successful in today’s workplace.

The information shared below highlights key aspects an employer should consider when hiring individuals from different cultural backgrounds and orientations and how to build a work environment that encourages and respects diversity. This document is not intended to explain how all members of a group think and behave, rather it provides suggestions on how to overcome communication barriers. In order to be successful in the workplace and build relationships we need to value and respect the differences that make people unique and learn from one another.

Hiring Best Practices

Creating a streamlined and solid hiring practice has an impact on both your organization’s internal and external reputation. Reviewing your hiring practices even if your organization is not looking to hire will create more ease when it is time to grow your team.

Recruiting and Hiring our Regional Workforce

Looking to hire or develop talent in the Greater St. Cloud region? From connecting with local colleges to understanding the area job board, we’ve got you covered with our extensive employer resources.


Being intentional about investing in and evolving your workforce is crucial for the success of your organization.

Other Resources

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  • DEED’s Career and Education Explorer

The Career and Education Explorer will provide a wide range of information about a selected occupation, specific to a selected region.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of resources as your organization engages with the veteran workforce.