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Incorporating Diversity

Incorporating Diversity Initiatives into the Workplace and Company Culture


Showcase a commitment of diversity from top level management

Have the CEO issue a statement on the company’s diversity initiatives and highlight the diverse executives of your company. This will show that your company truly does what they say they do.

“The diverse executive will attract diverse people to your company just by virtue of them being there – as they will demonstrate that it is possible for a minority to succeed in your company.”

— Brathwaite, Hiring Diverse Executive Talent

Have a decision making structure that involves everyone: incorporate all cultural groups, abilities, genders, etc. that allows their voice to be heard.


Integrate a diversity initiative into your company’s brand

  • Be the company that everyone wants to work for and can work for
  • Clearly communicate opportunities for advancement and growth within the company
  • Show that your company values diversity at all levels (entry level to executive level) and encourages employees to progress into higher level positions
  • Show that you value diversity by being considerate of cultural holidays that may require time off. What employers need to know about Ramadan is a fantastic resource for employers to learn about accommodations for Muslim employees during Ramadan


Welcome and encourage nontraditional majors such as entrepreneurship, art, or global studies

Have appropriate resources and educational materials available to educate staff on cultural differences

Provide incentives for diverse hires

  • Compensate HR associates
  • Employee referrals

“Nine times out of 10, that employee has more friends and colleagues that look like him (or her) than not. All of those people (and their network) are potential future employees.”

Find ways to celebrate and highlight your talent

  • Office decor (add flags of the countries your workers come from)
  • Cater in ethnic food

Find out if there is a need for translators, translated materials, large-print materials, etc. Ensure that everyone understands words and references used – especially safety procedures

Take on a more flexible approach to the recruitment process and consider possible barriers an applicant could encounter when applying – be mindful of language barriers.

  • In person/telephone/computer mediated interviews
  • Online or written applications