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Hiring A Culturally Diverse Workforce

Within our multicultural society today it is crucial for businesses and organizations to operate in new ways that meet the needs of St. Cloud’s changing demographics, to attract and retain individuals from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds in our workforce. Having a diverse workplace not only benefits the organization immensely, it also gives companies several competitive advantages. Building culturally competent organizations within our community that welcome and understand the varied sets of skills, abilities, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives individuals from different cultural backgrounds and orientations have is crucial towards being successful in today’s workplace.

The information shared below highlights key aspects an employer should consider when hiring individuals from different cultural backgrounds and orientations and how to build a work environment that encourages and respects diversity. This document is not intended to explain how all members of a group think and behave, rather it provides suggestions on how to overcome communication barriers. In order to be successful in the workplace and build relationships we need to value and respect the differences that make people unique and learn from one another.

Greater Saint Cloud Equity Dashboard – October 2021

Executive Summary – Advancing social equity and reducing disparities in the Greater St. Cloud, Minnesota, region requires a common understanding among organizations, community leaders, and residents of the disparities that exist. Equipped with credible data, communities are better equipped to identify and evaluate strategies, policies, and programs to address disparities.  Click here to review the report.

Recruitment Suggestions & Best Practices

Since we are all not the same, do not use the same approach when it comes to recruiting diverse talent. Be creative and develop new strategies and tactics to attract diverse candidates to your company. The goal is for your company to be visible in minority communities, establish your company as an employer of choice among minority candidates. Try some of these best practices to help attract a variety of candidates to your company.

Incorporating Diversity Initiatives into the Workplace and Company Culture

Reassess all aspects of your company to ensure it encourages, represents, and respects all dimensions of diversity. Create a better representation of our society through the leadership teams of your company that look like, and think like, the members within our community. As a community we should strive to develop our local leaders to have a global mindset that promotes and maintains workforce diversity.

Communication and Cultural Considerations

Individuals from different cultural backgrounds and orientations may have differing values, beliefs, traditions, and practices. Often individuals don’t have the values, attitudes, and behaviors predicted by the generalizations of their culture or share the same customs and beliefs of those within their same culture group.

Hiring International Students

Take the time to learn about the opportunities that could arise for your company by hiring an international student and what the hiring process really entails (it’s easier than it seems!) If you are one of the many employers who are concerned about employing international students (or need a refresher on the visa process), this article is a must read. Embrace the diversity and explore the opportunities your company has for international students!

Resources for Employers

We’ve compiled a list of local resources to help employers hire and retain a diverse workforce.

The key to successfully engaging a diverse work environment is to understand and respect everyone’s culture and work together to effectively communicate within the team to a successful end.

For more information on the Muslim community to help when hiring, please refer to Lutheran Social Service’s case study, “My Neighbor is Muslim” to find an everyday resource guide on the basic principles of Islam.