A private effort for the public good.

About Us

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation is a private collaboration of approximately 250 regional business and community leaders within Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties in central Minnesota. The GSDC is leading a passionate, community-wide commitment to harness the vast resources of our region, facilitating collaboration among and between them and making the greater St. Cloud area one of the best places to live and work in America. Our efforts to improve the business climate and economic base of the region are 100 percent self-funded through investor fees and all actions are self-governed by our investors, boards and various committees.

The charge of the GSDC is to spearhead the economic development efforts of the greater St. Cloud region by identifying and unifying opportunities to engage community leaders, foster business growth, expand and nurture the area’s talent base and support the communities that make up the greater St. Cloud region.

Statement of Value

As reflected in our 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan, the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC), is dedicated to Shaping Tomorrow by placing a priority on advancing inclusive and equitable economic development within the Greater St. Cloud community. The GSDC recognizes the existence and persistence of systemic barriers that impact individuals based on race, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, and other marginalized identities. Such systemic oppression has created unequal and hence exclusionary economic opportunities in our region, as it has elsewhere. The GSDC also recognizes that the future of the St. Cloud community’s economic justice and success depends on all community member’s ability to fully participate in the economic growth and well-being of our region. The GSDC is committed to pursue, foster, and support inclusive and equitable economic development through meaningful partnerships with communities and individuals who experience marginalization.


We lead inclusive and equitable economic development for the benefit of the Greater St. Cloud Community.


Greater St. Cloud is a growing and vibrant community where talented people choose to live, work, and engage.

By growing we mean our businesses will have expanded, adding high-quality, high-wage jobs in strategic industries and occupations at a pace that is faster than our historical levels of growth and faster than relevant benchmarks.

By vibrant, we mean an energized and engaged and healthy and happy community where people are utilizing their gifts and talents at a high level and to a large degree.


We will demonstrate these values as we make decisions and take action on behalf of the corporation and community:

Leadership. We inspire trust.

Diversity. We benefit from differences.

Collaboration. We engage partners.

Integrity. We do what we say.

Accountability. We create results.