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Evolving in the Workplace

Original article: “Reskilling workers: ‘We need a Waze for your career’” by Katherine Kersten, published May 19, 2019

Being intentional about investing in and evolving your workforce is crucial for the success of your organization.

Offering your employees continual on the job training in person or through webinars is a great opportunity to improve your work force.

Here are some tips to effectively do this:

1. Keep training optional or give your employees a deadline instead of one date to complete a webinar.

This allows them to feel more in control of when they do their training, hopefully making them feel a sense of ownership, assisting them to feel motivated to work better and more efficiently.

2. Make trainings intentional and effective.

Too long of trainings may cause employees to lose interest in the material, not allowing employees and the organization to benefit as much as they could.

Evolving your workforce through trainings can only help your organization succeed. It also gives your employees the tools to keep you moving forward.