Engage Leaders

Investors on a mission for the greater St. Cloud, MN region.

The GSDC brings community leaders together so their combined thinking and resources have a much greater impact on our region’s vitality than would be possible with only a few people acting alone. We do this by convening stakeholders around priority issues, providing opportunities for leader engagement and collaboration, aligning resources for strategic focus and efficiency, sharing information about economic indicators, legislative issues and workforce conditions, and connecting investor company executives with business sector thought-leaders and influencers.

GSDC Participating Investors

$75,000 or More:
$50,000 or More:
$25,000 or More:
$16,000 or More:
$10,000 or More:
$8,000 or More:
County and City Contributors:

Bold Denotes Founding Investor.

Annual investment classification is based on the average of cumulative investments and contributions over the period of years of engagement with GSDC.

$5,500 or More:

GSDC Advocates
Annual contributions of $500 to $4,999 to GSDC

$2,500 – $4,999
$1,000 – $2,499
$500 – $999