Upon graduating from SCSU with a degree in Operation Management, Casey Mason, was presented with 2 job offers.  Operations Internship for the Minnesota Twins Baseball Organization or Operations Manager at Mathew Hall Lumber, the company she had held a part time role with while attending college.

When Casey was nearing graduation, she approached Mathew Hall for a reference to start her job search.  Mathew Hall had been very impressed with Casey’s work to date and began to think about ways they could make something work for Casey.  When they looked at her degree and position desired along with the needs of the company, it became evident they had an opportunity right there to utilize her expertise while playing a key role in the company’s continued growth.

Mathew Hall presented the newly created position to Casey and she immediately jumped at the chance to stay with a company she had grown to enjoy and respect in a full time management role immediately following graduation.   It was really an easy decision to make for Casey.  She really enjoyed the Greater St. Cloud area and saw this as a great opportunity for her career.