It is with great pleasure and excitement that I step into the role of CEO & President of this incredible organization. Thanks to the GSDC board, staff, and former President Patti Gartland for making this transition as seamless as possible. I thank them for being so generous with their time and input.

I am genuinely humbled by this opportunity to serve in this capacity and continue advancing our local and regional economy. Having closely observed the relentless efforts of the GSDC, I am both inspired and motivated to build upon the solid foundation that has been laid by my predecessors, staff, and volunteer board members. I look forward to reimagining economic development for the Greater St. Cloud area and serving as a catalyst for positive change, driving social and economic change, and enhancing our economic competitiveness.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, I eagerly anticipate meeting with you to learn how we can collectively expand GSDCs efforts to encourage entrepreneurship, attract new and expand business opportunities, and create sustainable practices that attracts and retains talent.

I invite you to contact me anytime at 320-252-5228 or nbauman@greaterstcloud.com. (If you’re reluctant to call because you’re not sure how to pronounce my name, it’s Net-TY-uh.) Thank you.

NeTia Bauman
CEO & President

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NeTia Bauman, CEcD, CEO & President
pgartland@greaterstcloud.com | 320.260.2442

Leslie Dingmann, CecD, Business Development Director
ldingmann@greaterstcloud.com | 320.493.9003

Gail Cruikshank, Talent Director 
gcruikshank@greaterstcloud.com | 320.260.6775

Tammy Campion, Communications & Program Specialist 
tcampion@greaterstcloud.com | 320.252.5185