This happens more than you may think.  Your company gets bought by another company so your job is eliminated, a company goes bankrupt, or you have an epiphany on your way home one night, and all of a sudden, you know it is time for a career change!

The initial reaction will be one of fear or uncertainty but with a little preparation and a lot of determination, you can take on change with a plan that will lead you right into your next dream job!

Take time to regroup:

Whether you take a week or a month, it is important to take the time to say goodbye to your old career.  If your job was terminated or eliminated, you may need to rebuild your confidence as this is important so you can move forward with a clear confident mind.  If the decision was your own, it is always better to make sure that your next steps are built on a plan, not adrenalin.

Take time to think about the following:

  • What things do you LOVE to do?
  • What aspects/responsibilities are you really good at?
  • What are your personal qualities?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What special work experiences and transferable skills do you have? To reference a listing of possible transferrable skills, click here

If you need help identifying these, consult a family member, past supervisor or colleague or friend.

Create a list of ideas/skills/strengths to work with.  Categorize the list and then prioritize them. What skills are your passions that you are very good at, which need additional education/training?

Once you have identified your passions/skills you are strong at, you can start to identify those next potential career opportunities.

As much as we want to believe it is our skills and experience that will land us that next career, realistically it is may be more the relationships you have developed through the years.

Networking is a critical piece to the career puzzle.  One that can and will help you throughout your entire career.  Now more than ever, especially in the higher level jobs, the right fit is typically not found from an ad in the newspaper or online.

Friends and family are great connections, but you will need to broaden your network and this includes building your LinkedIn network.  Need some help, click here for a LinkedIn step by step guide.

Do you know someone else who made the switch you’re aiming for?  They might be willing to show you the ropes, you just have to ask. If you show how committed you are, your enthusiasm will remind people of their own passion and you will be surprised at how many business connections will be willing to turn into mentors.

To learn more about effective networking, click here.

Changing careers may be the best thing for you. Start to explore yours today!