The following is a note from a GSDC intern, Danny S.  on his experience touring St. Cloud company GeoComm:

Upon entry it looks like any modern day office filled with employees doing various tasks.  However, it isn’t until you get to learn more about the company that you really begin to feel the culture present in the business.  Their job: to provide geo-locating services to emergency personnel so when a need arises to call 911, the operators know exactly where you are using the GPS of your phone.  

I’m of course talking about GeoComm, a local business here in St. Cloud that spreads its services across the nation, and if you’ve ever had to call 911; chances are you were located by their system.  

GeoComm is full of enthusiastic employees working on state of the art technology, and were genuinely excited to answer my questions about it.  If you’ve never been inside GeoComm, I encourage you to check it out for yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee talking with the brilliant minds behind it.