Being well prepared for any interview with a list of questions that will differentiate you from other applicants is key to securing that dream job. There is always a big opportunity, when the table turns during the interview, and you want to ask your questions.

Below are some questions that can give you that edge above other applicants:

Ask something: you are telling the employer you are not prepared for the interview and displaying lack of interest in the job when you tell them you can’t think of any questions or all your questions have been answered. There are no interviews so thorough that you are left with no questions. Prepare at least ten questions, write them in a notebook and have them ready during the interview.

 Ask about competitors: impress your interviewer by asking questions about their competitors to show them you have done adequate research about the company. You can show off your research skills by saying “I observed when I did some research that your closest competitors are A and B” and further asking what they would you say are the core differences between them and competitors gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others.

Ask about long-term goals for the position: you want to demonstrate that you are capable of long-term commitment and are growth minded by asking if there are any responsibilities to be added to the role over time. It also tells the employer you are interested in growing with the company and not just using them as a stepping stone.

Ask why they work there: Asking an interviewer why they continue to work for their company shows you are concerned about finding the right “fit”. It pushes the discussion in the direction of culture, and they are able to talk about the day-to-day life in the position and envision you working at the company.

Ask why they won’t hire you: Asking if the employer has any reservations about hiring you gives you an opportunity to address any concerns in the room before the team begins post-interview deliberations, though this seems like a big risk. Be prepared to counter any potential concerns about evidence-based examples of how you can excel in any area the interviewer presumes you to be weak.

You are not likely to impress your interviewer asking generic and uninspiring questions as securing a great job becomes increasingly difficult. Try these questions, Impress your interviewer and Secure that dream Job!