Regardless of what stage of your career you are at or what field your career is in, a mentorship can result in numerous positive personal benefits. One way to think of a mentor is as a personal career coach,
someone who provides you with the knowledge and guidance that can help you be successful. A common practice by those that participate in a mentorship, is to seek out someone from outside of their current company. However, seeking out a mentor from within your current company can be even more effective, as it can provide you with insight into the company culture and what it takes to advance within the company. Here are some specific benefits of seeking out a mentor within your current company:

MentorshipBlogPost2Career Advice & Objective Feedback:

Having a mentor at your company can provide you with career-specific advice and objective feedback. There may be times when you are in need of advice regarding a career change or another topic that may not be appropriate to share with your colleagues or boss. A mentor can serve as a valuable sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of. A mentor within your own company can also serve as a credible, valuable reference for you if you are up for promotion.

Professional Development & Discover New Ideas:

A mentor is someone who has already been down the take career MentorshipBlogPost1path that you are currently on. Therefore, a mentor can help you build confidence and skills that will boost your professional development. An experienced mentor will also be able to help you discover new ideas, by offering you professional and impartial advice that has been gleaned from years of experience.

As you have read, a mentorship can have numerous positive career benefits, especially for young professionals. It is important to note, however, that these relationships can take some time to grow and develop. Make sure that you have enough time to dedicate towards nurturing the mentorship relationship and that you have a focus on the information you want to gain. To make the most out of your mentoring relationship, be clear about how you want to use the time together and what goals you want to achieve. The mentoring relationships that you are able to form, can be a first step in helping your career goals take flight.