Looking for some fresh ideas to your recruiting approach for the New Year?  Try to R.I.N.G. in the New Year with these four tips on how to approach your hiring this year:

Recruit Freelancers:  Embrace the trend of recruiting freelancers.  Take advantage of the gig economy by hiring someone for a specific project you may need help with, whether it be a videographer, analyst, or specific project manager.  There is no need to plan for increased headcount or office space; just set the project details and look for a special person to fill the gap quickly and efficiently. Blending full-time workers with contracted workers allows companies to invest in the best fit for the job – regardless the size of timeframe.

Improve Employee Flexibility:  The conversations started in 2016 but 2017 will require companies to level-up.  Not only will contractors be flexible with freelancers, but schedules are becoming increasingly more flexible as employers begin to realize that telecommuting is successful and workers are more productive when they can modify their schedules. Companies who implement flexible working hours and options are able to reduce absenteeism and promote.


Negotiate Shared or New Talent:  Generation Z will start to enter the workforce in 2017. Not only does this bring new talent, but also new perspectives and expectations.  It will be critical that you are flexible enough to accommodate work life balance, flexible schedules, perks at work, benefit packages and mentors to your staff. With all of this new tech talent, hone in on this opportunity to revamp, improve and expand upon your technology and marketing departments.  Further, make sure to post jobs and source for candidates on LinkedIn.  Many potential candidates as well as employers use LinkedIn as their main job sourcing tool.  Lastly, work together with colleagues in your industry or proximity to your location to share candidates and employees where possible.  Perhaps you have met a great candidate but don’t have the right fit for them, share their information with a colleague in a neighboring business.  Being familiar with fellow employers’ needs can be helpful to everyone involved.

Generate appealing benefit packages and perks: Recruiters and business owners need to work with their HR Departments to improve on benefit packages in order to attract top talent. Currently many companies are surveying their present employees and researching trends within their industry in order to step up and advance their existing packages.  Meanwhile, job seekers in 2017 will be searching for those companies who not only offer competitive pay, but also competitive perks, defined succession plan and benefit packages.  One trend particularly exciting new hires is tuition reimbursement opportunities. Companies who invest in tuition reimbursement are more likely to earn their money back, promote within and reduce turnover.  Can you say “win-win”?