No matter where you are in your career, composing a strong resume is vital to improving your chances at landing the job of your dreams. However, what are some ways that you can help separate yourself from your fellow job-seekers? Below are 10 tips that are not typically taught to job-seekers, but are critical in helping you and your resume stand out!

  1. Be prepared to answer questions related to why you changed jobs, each time you changed them
  2. Elaborate on how you see yourself in your career (and how you are different from every other person with a similar career path)
  3. Explain why you chose the career path that you did
  4. Describe why you were brought on board at each previous job
  5. Account for what you left in your wake at each job
  6. Make sure prospective employers understand your type of personality and sense of humor
  7. Emphasize and clarify the context for each of your triumphs
  8. Be thorough and accurate when describing your priorities in your job
  9. Highlight what your accumulated experience-wise at each job you’ve held and
  10. Precisely describe how your brain works

Following these 10 tips can help your resume sing your song effectively!

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