Searching for a new job can be a mentally and emotionally taxing process. When you aren’t reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself or getting the offers you desire, even a well-qualified candidate can become discouraged. It’s integral to a successful job search to stay focused and consistently reevaluate your process. Here is some advice on how to stay positive when on the hunt for a new job.

Recognize That You are Not Alone

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Searching for a job can be a highly stressful and frustrating time in a person’s life. Being in a period of unemployment can be mentally discouraging and it can make you feel socially isolated from employed friends and successful peers. It can also be a financial burden. The job search process can be emotionally draining but keep in mind that many professionals will go through a period of unemployment throughout their career. Upon successful completion of this process you will come out on the other side having learned more about yourself and your goals.

Take a Moment to Refocus

Reexamine your job search. Identify what it is you desire in your career. Spend time evaluating your passions and your strongest talents. Ensure your job search align with these passions. Once you determine what you want, you can hone in on what you need to fix, how to approach your search, and with which professionals you should be connecting. Narrowing your goals can seem contradictory to the job search, but it can help you find the jobs for which you are most qualified and have the best chances of receiving an offer. Refocusing can help you see a clearly defined goal and help you stay motivated. You will be able to continue on your job search with more focus and more drive.

Recharge Yourself

Remember this mantra: focus on your employment status and potential. Although the job search process can be mentally draining and emotionally taxing; it’s important to take a moment to relax. Chances are that this will help you regain a positive disposition on your job search.

Reconnect with friends, colleagues, and favorite hobbies again. Pick a class or course that can broaden your horizons, helps to develop your interests, or will benefit your experiences and resume. Volunteer for a group you are passionate about. For more ideas, check out Forbes’ list of Ten Things to Do While You Are Unemployed.

Network with Fellow Job Seekers

Professional peers can help positively critique your resume and interview skills. Outside feedback can help you objectively reevaluate your job hunt. When deciding on a networking group, attend at least two meetings before you make a decision to see if it will benefit your journey. Avoid groups that focus on feelings of pity and disillusionment and focus on groups that promote further networking, building relationships and support.

It might seem difficult, but finding a community of serious job seekers to network with and learn from is not as hard as many believe. Check out the Jobspot Resources Networking page for more info on local groups and upcoming meetings.

Set Clearly Defined Goals

Make sure to stay focused and to set clearly defined goals for yourself. If you are applying to 20 to 30 jobs a day, take a second to reevaluate. This can mean some self-introspection, approaching your job search support group, or seeking the aid of a professional. Defining your goals can help you rebuild your portfolio, refresh your resume, and practice different interview skills. Goal setting is necessary to a productive and successful job search. Keep to a schedule with clearly defined goals to optimize your job search.

It can be far too easy to become disheartened and to lose motivation. Keep the big picture in mind and focus on how to make your job search more productive and successful.

For more job search advice, check out the GDSC JobSpot Resources page created with local job seekers and businesses in mind.