A lot of employers and employees aren’t aware of the far-reaching benefits of volunteering. According to data from the Case Foundation, volunteering can boost corporate morale, initiate forms of career advancement, and can even go as far as improving companies’ bottom lines.

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By volunteering individually and partaking in company-wide events, one can gain social networking opportunities that aren’t easily found in the workplace. Volunteering shows drive and a willingness to be inclusive, both vital traits of workers. Giving back in ways like volunteering is truly a way of looking forward in one’s own career.

Increasing Office Synergy

“Synergy” is a word loosely thrown around in office buildings across the country, but what does it mean and how is it built up? Synergy is the idea that collaborative and collective effort can always work better to mesh the ideas and work-related tasks of coworkers. In working together, coworkers not only feel a sense of accomplishment but also a certain pride in a task completed with their peers. Nothing seems more synergistic than a company coming together to give back to a community they call home.

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Connecting with the Community

Finally, volunteering can improve marketing relationships with partners in the community. Setting an example and showing your company has a sense of core values can truly set one firm out from another. You don’t need to look too far to find companies like Google doing extensive volunteering and non-profit organization through Google.org. They champion “data-driven, human-focused philanthropy”, which are buzzwords that any potential client would love to hear their service provider say.

Positive marking through volunteering is an almost entirely free way to get your company recognized by the community. Companies who volunteer and participate in community events will be able to emphasize their core values. And did I mention it’s free?


So start an initiative at your workplace and volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Get started with some tips on the Greater St. Cloud Jobspot Volunteerism page. It’s an important part of any career and benefits employers and employees alike. In any industry, there are ways to be more civically engaged; the opportunities are there for the taking, at the cost of just your time.