We’re always looking for ways to support talent and businesses in our region. Our communities are rich with education and training opportunities, which benefit everyone. St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC) has a long history of workforce development and aligning their programs with the needs of area businesses – to everyone’s benefit.

To that point, SCTCC recently received workforce development grants valued at $275,000 and $300,000 from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. The grants were awarded under the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program.

The funds are targeted for specific projects, including a partnership with Sauk Rapids-based Talon Innovations Corp. to expand its medical device manufacturing capabilities. Through the project, 100 current and 20 new employees will receive state-of-the-art training. New hires will be trained as machine operators, and current machine operators will be trained as machinists and machine programmers. Grant funds will also assist Sauk Rapids-based WFSI as it adds 32 jobs in the next three years. The entire workforce will receive training to advance welding skills and supervisors will receive leadership training.

These projects demonstrate St. Cloud Technical & Community College’s commitment to meeting the needs of our community through its 90 programs of study that closely match the types of jobs available in the area. More than 70% of their students come from the surrounding six counties and choose employment close to home after graduation in healthcare, business management, computer technology, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and more. In 2010, the College became a comprehensive technical and community college offering the Associate in Arts degree in addition to technical programs.

We appreciate the contributions of SCTCC and all area higher education institutions to our regional workforce, which is recognized as one of the most highly educated in the nation. Thank you!